Monday, March 15, 2010

US & Palestine

re General Petraeus’ appeal to Mullen (and indirectly the White House) for a resolution of the Palestine problem as vital for US interests

This key Petraeus move is very encouraging. Nothing is more important for undermining the appeal of "jihadism" and motivation for suicide bombing - in a word for reducing the "clash of civilisations" that we are livnig through since the invasion of Iraq - than resolving the Palestine problem.

Now that Prime Minister Netanyahu has thrown down the gauntlet either he and the suicidal Israeli fundamentalist "right" will prevail - or the US will.

But the "Pentagon lobby" is also heavily infiltrated by Israel's backwoodsmen and by Mossad's powerful influence within the Pentagon.  Then there is the media - especially Murdoch's - and the still great influence of the neo-conservatives and their Project for a New American Century. They  got us (Britain too) into Iraq.

This is a tug of war between Titans. Little poodle Israel has long been strong enough to wag the tail of the huge American hound! 

Here post-Lisbon Europe could greatly help reinforce Obama's US Administration in out-manoevring the Israeli stone-wallers.  The first great test for "new" Europe. But will it pass that test so critical for the future of the West?

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