Thursday, December 18, 2014

Ukraine - it's not 'all Putin's fault'

As Dostoyevsky said - we are all guilty. Guilty of perverse and incompetent diplomacy. That includes President Obama who couldn't control his neo-conservatives, President Putin who failed to check his perfectly legitimate fear of American hegemony, the EU - totally incompetent with no ability to form foreign policy and resist that American neo-conservative aggression. And the Murdoch dominated world media, perversely persuading the 'West' that 'it's all Putin's fault'.  My book, A Word Before Leaving, just published in print and on Kindle, shows how Sergei Lavrov's has been the only voice for peace and for a Ukraine being a hyphen joining the EU in the West of Europe and Russia in the East of Europe instead of a bone of contention. He lamented what might have been - if there had been any other diplomats of his stature.