Saturday, January 23, 2010

Corporate entity - the Supreme Court Decision

Corporate entity - the Supreme Court Decision

By dip consult | January 23, 2010 
This Supreme Court decision is alarming for us in Europe. We had to suffer 8 years of G W Bush gravely damaging the Western position in the world. In most of our countries there are strict rules about financial support for parties and individual candidates. This ruling appears to make the US - the lead democracy - an exception. 

The nightmare for us is Obama - whatever we may think about his effectiveness - losing in 2012 and the Republicans returning backed with unlimited corporate contributions (bribes too?) with an extreme right Congess and another President who is a follower of neo-conservatism. (Even with Mme Palin! Though that seems less likely now).

So, from our point of view it is essential to undo the Supreme Court's ruling by legislation or by constitutional amendment even before this November's Congressional elections (When with this ruling in place the Republicans could end the Democratic majority)

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